Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Liver organ Cleansing - Aspect 1

You hear about cleansing diet plans every day, juice diet plans, tablets, all sorts but do you actually know what you are cleansing and why? Do you know what you need to do to be able to get the best outcomes from a cleansing and also are the supplements or drinks you taking actually doing you more harm than good? Are they of top quality, non-synthetic and do they actually perform.

Here I will explain WHY the LIVER cleansing or should I say detoxify is so essential, then WHAT is the process the liver goes through to detoxify our toxins and WHAT the toxins are plus HOW we go about doing this. It is only when you are knowledgeable you can understand the importance of it and then really experience dedicated to achieving those outcomes.

SO here we go WHY is the liver so important?

Our liver is an amazing body organ that needs looking after just like our body program. They are all connected and if the liver doesn't perform effectively it will affect the center, respiratory program, mind, and every body organ in our body program.

The liver has a over 500 features here are some of the key functions

'Aiding Ingestion and Production of Bile' 
Bile is needed when we eat meals, it allows failures the body fat and eliminates the cholestrerol stages. Once the meals is split up it is taken into the small bowel where nutritional value are consumed and transferred returning to the liver. The liver then filtration the blood flow, neutralising toxins and handling the nutrients

'Breakdown Toxins' 
If the liver is not functional or confused by the amount of toxins, the toxins will not be split up and they will stay in the body program. The defense mechanisms may treat them as an enemy and this can lead to many illnesses, meals allergic responses and breathing difficulties. A excellent example of this is when we over engage we usually experience pretty junk for a few days and sometimes get a chilly or something more intense its because our liver is operating at those toxins and it just cant cope with them all.

'Breakdown Hormones' 
If the liver is not performing our testosterone will be all over the place and us women are generally very hormone and unfortunately have the the change of life to cope with. Hormonal instability can cause infertility issues, pimples, PMS, anaemia, exhaustion, being overweight the list goes on.

'Balancing Blood Sugar' 
When your blood flow glucose stages are great blood insulin is launched to induce the liver to shop the unwanted as glycogen. With low glucose stages the liver produces the glycogen to be turned into glucose for power. If this doesn't happen the adverse responses are excess weight, glucose urges, exhaustion and more intense case diabetes.

'Providing Energy' 
The liver will crack down meals and turn it into power (glucose) when we need it.

'Storing Nutrients' 
It stores many essential nutritional supplements and produces them as we need them. They inc iron, birdwatcher, vit A, B12, D, E & K.

We constantly put our systems under stress and consumption many toxins from the meals we eat, drink, testosterone, pressure, the air we take in and the natural toxins our systems create internal. Our current diet as a country is of comfort with created in higher quantities meals, multiplied gardening of fruits and veggies and veggies protected in bug sprays, creatures treated with testosterone to speed up growth and they reside in traumatic conditions. If the creatures are treated with testosterone, have great pressure stages testosterone in their body program and vegetables protected in bug sprays where does it go when we eat them? Directly inside us and to our inadequate liver.

Not only that the contamination in the air is at an all-time great and we stay incredibly traumatic life, this has led to us being extremely harmful without even understanding. 
It 's time our govt took note and create changes. They are happening gradually and very gradually with the discharge of organic meals but it is all about cash and the govt need to keep the village and meals sectors happy to generate income all though it is charging us our wellness and in the end our life.

The liver is our cleansing program and its job is to detoxify the toxins and remove them from the body program, however if we constantly consumption toxins and cause harmful hormone responses in our systems the liver never gets a crack and becomes confused by it all.

So therefore it has to shop the toxins and where does it shop it? in our fat tissues to be handled later. If the liver never gets a crack those toxins saved will never get a look in so will remain as fat. The more harmful we are the more fat we will bring this can also include fat that is saved around the respiratory program, center and vitals body parts (viscous fat). You will never see wellness carrying fat. If you bring fat you need a cleansing, even if you are a thin fat/soft person.

When the liver gets a crack it can then start to perform at these saved toxins. The the lymphatic system program, the renal system and the blood flow carries the body fat tissues returning to the liver for cleansing. Therefore making it simpler for your body program to burn fat and lose those inches wide.

Looking a little further into glucose and fat storage now. Glucose is saved mainly in the muscle tissue and the liver as glycogen. Our systems can only hold around 400g of glycogen in the body program so if we eat too much glucose (carbs, fruits and veggies, carbs etc) it is saved as fat.

As mentioned when blood flow glucose stages are great so is blood insulin and those same fat tissues not only shop the unwanted glucose but also the fat you ate at your last meal so permanently growing bigger.

The glycogen in your fat tissues are the last ones to be got at by the body program for power. Insulin informs your body program to shop fat and not launch it as power and those individuals who don't do a lot of exercise they will become blood insulin delicate. Non-active individuals don't remove a lot of power so they usually have a excellent storage of glycogen in their muscle tissue and liver as the body program isn't use to burning power and so cannot restock power from dietary nutritional value. So blood insulin takes the carbohydrates & body fat straight through the liver and straight in to fat tissues. (more about blood insulin in a future article)


When you have a bad performing liver you don't usually get any pain but you can have an array of signs.

The epidermis is also a cleansing body organ so when the liver doesn't perform your epidermis will try to get rid of the toxins, therefore pimples meals and early aging may occur.

The liver makes the bile we need to process fat, if bile is not there the body fat are not being created water disolveable to will pass through the colon for reduction. Therefore chairs will be oily and foul-smelling from the partly digested fat (nice, lol). Bile also allows muscle contractions along the intestinal system if this doesn't function well it can result in bowel problems. Fats are vital for our body program and we need to be able to process them in the correct way.

There are defense tissues in the liver to help clean up international contaminants but if the liver isn't operating these international contaminants acidity reflux into the blood flow vessels and the defense mechanisms strikes it. So from this you are more likely to have attacks, chilly, allergic responses and even thyrois issues. (the hypothyroid is the main manager of metabolism)

Good cholestrerol stages HDL's is created in the liver. Bile allows take away the bad cholestrerol stages so with no bile the bad cholestrerol stages builds up so your risk of cardiac arrest and/or heart stroke will increase.

The necessary protein in the blood flow help to maintain our liquid balance and these necessary protein are created in the liver. Warning signs of swelling, inflammed arms and legs can be signs that your liver isn't functional.

Lactic acidity is created internal, it is launched when our tissues cannot produce power effectively due to lack of vitamin B saved in the liver. Excess lactic acidity causes painful muscle tissue, complications, anxiety, chest discomfort and hypertension.

From all of these you can see how these can in the long-term effect our center, mind, respiratory program, other body parts and can even cause cancer and other illnesses.

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